118-8Whitemallow Anti-glycation Serum

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Whitemallow Anti-glycation Serum is currently the latest in the market. Age spot tends to develop over time and arise from the deeper skin layer to the surface. This process is irreversible but can be prevented with anti-glycation serum. It is thus essential to start anti-glycation regime from the age of 30 and above to prevent formation of age spot at older age.



-anti-glycation 抗糖化

-block dust 阻挡灰尘

-block heavy metals 阻断重金属

-anti-pollution 防污染

-improve skin tone 改善肤色

-brighter skin 更明亮的皮肤


Wild Ginseng*, German Chamomile*, Himalayas Pomegranate* 野山参*,德国洋甘菊*,喜马拉雅山石榴*

Our wild ginseng is sourced from China rural, untouched region; to assure no pesticides being used. It is grown wild for at least 20 years before being processed in our France laboratory. The long cultivation is to assure high concentration of potent compounds for its revitalizing functions. 我们的野山参来源于中国农村,未受污染的地区;确保不使用农药。在我们的法国实验室进行加工之前,它至少生长了20年。长期的培养是为了保证高浓度的有效化合物的复活功能

*Ecocert certified organic


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