118-8Whitemallow Cleansing Water

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Whitemallow Cleansing Water is the latest innovation from France. It could remove daily make-up and cleanse face altogether in one single step. This 2-in-1 facial cleanser is especially suitable for those looking for a quick cleansing after working for long hours.

Whitemallow Cleansing Water是法国最新的创新产品。它可以一举消除日常化妆和清洁面部。这款2合1洗面奶特别适合那些长时间工作后需要快速清洁的人使用。


-brighten skin 增亮皮肤

-remove make-up 清洁日常化妆

-daily cleansing without drying skin


Egypt marshmallow root*, California Aloe vera*, Rhode's Island Witch Hazel* 埃及藥蜀葵,加州芦荟,罗德岛金缕梅

*from organic farming, Ecocert Certified

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