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Outfits or apparels can be manufactured using different kind of materials.  Material characteristic may be different base on texture , composition and weight.

ishoppemall is an online shopping store where we truly understand that it is difficult for our customers and resellers to purchase and sell our products solely with the model picture we publish. In addition, it is sometime impossible to determine the product’s material base on the model picture itself.

Thus , we would like to provide material guide to help our customers and resellers to understand better on the material of the product and also increase our product’s reliability.  This is essential in order to give you better confidence in purchasing our products and also in making our products more sellable.

    • Chiffon – Light weighted, Sheer, usually need inner lining to put on.
    • Pearl Chiffon – Highest grade of chiffon with good texture.
    • Chiffon – Second grade chiffon with moderate texture.
    • Wired Chiffon – Third grade chiffon with low quality texture.
    • Silky Chiffon – Smooth texture, usually less sheer compare to the chiffon above
    • Cotton – Moderate weighted, 100% not sheer, usually stretchable.
    • 100 % Cotton – Known as japanese cotton, good texture, very comfortable to put on.
    • Cotton – Consist polyester + cotton.
    • Formal wear cotton – Not stretchable, lighter weighted compare to the cotton above.
    • Polyester Cotton – Contain higher % of polyester than cotton, thicker and heavier than the cotton above.
    • Knitted Cotton – Form using knitting machine, the thickness of the material depends to the thickness of the thread used to form the material.
    • Thick knitted cotton – Usually use to make winter clothing, stretchable.
    • Normal knitted cotton – Usually use to make dresses and tops, stretchable.
    • Blazer Material – Usually thick and firm material, not stretchable.
    • Satin – Smooth and glossy material, usually use in dinner dresses, stretchability depending on the composition of the material.
    • Lace –  Patterned with open holes, usually stretchable, need inner lining to put on.
    • Cotton Lace + Crochet Lace – Thread use to form this lace is thicker compare to normal lace, not stretchable, usually use on dress, collar and bust lace.

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