Pig Skin Lining Issue


The purpose of this post is to give a clear understanding to our Muslim customers on the pig skin lining issue. So as a responsible seller, we have the responsible to let you know how to differentiate real pig skin lining made and man-made/ Artificial PU made.

Many of us distinguish pig skin lining based on “3 dots” print. Yes, this is one of the way, but many of the man-made or artificial PU have 3 dots print as well. So how do we differentiate?

Big and reputable shoe companies like to use pig skin lining to make their shoes. One of the reasons are pig skin lining is the cheapest material among animals skin, they can save a lot of costs if compare with cow skin, crocodile skin or even snake skin. China people like to wear apparel that made from real skin, so pig lining is the first option to them in order to save production cost. But it’s not cheap also! Normally pig skin lining made will cost you at least RM100! Our manufacturer can’t afford to use this material to make such low price of shoes.

We will check with manufacturers to ensure the materials that used to make the shoes, they have declared the material content in the product details. So why it appears “3 dots” on the shoes? They told us as most of shoes are man-made leather. They try to make it look like pig skin due to high demands in China. So according to the replied from manufacturer, the shoes are not made up from Pig Skin Lining. Furthermore, our manufacturer also stated that many of their customers from Iraq, Afghanistan and Algeria are supplying their shoes. These countries are very concern with this issue like us too.

According to the explanation from JABATAN KEMAJUAN ISLAM MALAYSIA, pig skin lining “3 dots” appears uneven 3 dots shapes, only fake pig skin lining (we called it as man-made or artificial PU) will appear similar and neat 3 dots. Firstly, it is because only artificial skin can be produced in a very neat and even shape using machine. Secondly, pig skin lining has 3 dots on double surface, which means you can find 3 dots up and down if it’s pig skin lining.

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